Final Note

On September 11 I begged God to spare David when the plane hit the Pentagon.  As the day wore on with no word, I screamed and pleaded and bargained with Him. I believed He had abandoned me.  On one of many trips to DC at the family center in a hotel I picked up a small book called Deeper Still.  From the very beginning it soothed me more than anything else could.  I still read it.  It’s easy to read and every page is filled with wisdom.  It’s brutally honest and real and filled with stories of people like us who have suffered the loss of a loved one.  It asks and attempts to answer questions like, “how could God let this happen?”  The answers may not resonate for a long time after your loss.

Deeper Still helped to inspire me to write this blog.  It suggests that those who suffer need help from someone who is familiar with grief, and has passed through the door of suffering and come out the other side.  Deeper Still is available online at .


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