Chapter 8: Signs

There are those who firmly believe in the possibility that after a person dies, they are able to communicate with loved ones left behind.  Others do not believe in “signs” at all.  I don’t know for sure that my son personally comforted me in the days and weeks after he died, but I do know that the experiences I had were not easily explained by science or logic.

When my son and his wife traveled they would bring home a set of wind chimes from each place they stopped.  I have bamboo wind chimes hanging on my back porch, and it takes a stiff breeze to move them.  The first time I noticed anything unusual going on with them was the night my little dog barked at the back door at three in the morning.  I got up to let him out, and walked outside into a night so still that you could hear a pin drop.  I stood on the back porch watching Buttons moving around in the dark when suddenly the bamboo piece hanging down in the middle of the chimes began to move steadily back and forth, gaining momentum as it moved.  It finally struck the bamboo pieces hanging down around it and it continued to move slowly back and forth like a bell striking the bamboo for about ten minutes.  As suddenly as it started, it stopped and all was still again.  This happened many time in the months that followed, sometimes during the day and other times at night.

One mother told me of a beautiful blue heron that landed in the yard at her daughter’s home in the desert.  The Audubon Society assured her that the Blue Heron is NEVER seen in the desert.  Yet, there it was. Her deceased daughter had received a figurine of this bird on her wedding day.

Another mom told me she waited for months for a sign from her daughter. Finally, one day she was changing the sheets on her daughter’s bed when a music box on the shelf began to play.  “It’s about time!” she told me she said.

Another friend who lost her son to heart disease receives “reminders” on her cell phone.  She believes it is her son’s way of letting her know he is okay.

From butterflies to dimes grieving parents have told me stories of lost sons and daughters comforting them through signs.  They are always positive that these occurrences are spiritual.

Perhaps signs are simply created in the minds of grief-stricken parents as a way to cope with the pain.  Or maybe God allows our children to send us a last comforting goodbye to let us know they are okay.

Whatever they are, and wherever they come from, they are a blessing and a hopeful reminder of our children.


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