This blog is dedicated to my son, David, who died at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and who I love and miss every single day.

And to Adele, who lost her son Greg at the World Trade Center, and was always there to share, encourage, and even make me laugh when I thought it was impossible to ever laugh again.

And to Lynn, who lost her son Steve, who has been a wise and unwavering friend  and has lifted me up for years through the good times and bad.

An angel came and took you.

He should have taken me.

He must have gotten all mixed up.

It’s not supposed to be.

You were young, and I am old.

You had a lot more time.

For you to live a longer life,

I would have given mine.

I know that humans make mistakes,

but angels should take care.

They ought to check and check again,

and never should they err.

I should be where you are,

and you should be down here.

You had so many miles to go,

my child, my son, my dear,